CODEMON has participated in the construction and expansion of many industrial projects in the Dominican Republic in areas such as cement factories, rum distilleries, industrial warehouses and others.

In this sector our mayor involvement has been with the cement industry in which we have built storage bins, made structural erections, installed cement mills, and clinker transport and packaging systems. We have participated as well in plant expansions, repairs and maintenance.




Mechanical installation of equipment (1600 tons) and process piping (13.8 km) of the second steel rolling mill line at Industrias Nacionales (INCA).

March 2010 - In process.
Civil and Mechanical works for the underground installation of HDPE pipe at site, in Cotui, Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine Project, Dominican Republic.
April 2010 - In process
  Fluor / PVDC
Electromechanical installation of provisional camps, emergency power generators, LV distribution power lines, structural steel erections, HDPE piping, water treatment plant, pumps and steel piping for gold mine project in Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Rep. Apr 08- In process   Flour / PVDC
Electromechanical installation of chillers, cooling towers, dryer and piping for textile plant in Bonao, Dominican Rep. Nov 08 - In process   Hanesbrands
Interconnection of piping and pumps of 24 GLP storage tanks to existing distribution terminal at San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Rep. Jan 08- May 08   Coastal DR
Electromechanical erection of boilers, pumps, water treatment systems for Capcana, Dominican Rep. Jan 08- Sept 08   CAPCANA
Mechanical erection of two Biomass Boilers and installation of piping tie in with existing system. Bonao, Dominican Rep. Apr 08- Oct. 08   Hanesbrands
Fabrication and installation of steel structure and hoppers at the Cormidon gold mine. Maimon, Dominican Rep. Jan 08- Jul. 08   Cormidon
Erection of equipment and electromechanical works for the processing plant of the Cormidon gold mine at Maimon, Dominican Rep. Nov 07- Nov 08   Cormidon
Electromechanical erection of 23 Dye Machine THEN 1000, 500 and 250 HANES BRAND plant at Bonao Dominican Republic. 2006 -2007  

Hanes Brand Sara Lee


Fabrication and erection of 3 x 1500 m3 & 2 x 1000 m3 water storage tank. Dominican Republic. 2006 - 2007

  Constructora Norberto Odebrecht
Electromecanichal erection of 4 RTG Cranes. Caucedo Port, Bocachica, Dominican Republic. 2006
  Kone Cranes Finland
Supply and installation of piping & accesories, and mechanical installation of equipment and boilers for textile plant. Bonao, Dominican Republic, 2005 - 2006.   Dos Rios Enterprieses, Inc. Sara Lee
Supply, shop drawings, fabrication and installation of 1200 ton pre-heating tower, and installation of furnace, cooler and mill for a cement plant. In consortium with HL Ingenieros. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 2004 – 2006.   Cemex
Installation of 8000 m2 of thermal insulation of process piping for the Andres-AES 309 MW combined cicle power plant. Boca Chica – Dominican Republic, 2003.

  Ica Fluor
Complete civil and electromechanical installation of Water desalination and desmineralization plant. Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, 2002.
  Alfa Laval
Steel structure and piping interconnection between boiler to existing combine cycle power plant. Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic, 2001.

Installation of 1,600 m, 72" feed water pipes to combine cycle plant. Boca Chica – Dominican Republic, 2001.   Ica Fluor
Steel fabrications and mechanical erection of metallic structure, 2000 ton. Silo and grinding system. Najayo – Dominican Republic, 2001.
Electromechanical installation packaging equipment, supply and erection of steel structures. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 2001.
Repair and maintenance coal fired power plant 2 x 125 MW Itabo I and II. Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, 2000 – 2001.   Itabo
Supply and erection of steel building for warehouse. Haití, 2000 – 2001.

Nationale de
Electromechanical erection Vertical Mill, 800 ton/h. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 1999 - 2000.
Onshore piping and mechanical installation LPG plant. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 1999.

Change kiln No. 1 drive system and coal mill and fabrication of steel frames. Santiago – Dominican Republic, 1999.
Steel fabrications and mechanical erection of clinker grinding plant in Najayo and clinker reception and storage in Haina. Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, 1998 - 1999.   Cementos
Electromechanical erection for dental cream plant. Common-wealth of Dominica, 1997.   Colgate  
Piping and equipment erection for coffee roaster plant. Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, 1997.   Induban  
Engineering, supply and electrical installation for 35,000 lt/day alcohol distillery. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 1995.   Barceló  
Mechanical erection 40,000 lt/day alcohol distillery. San Pedro de Macorís – Dominican Republic, 1995.   Brugal  


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